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Intricate Dialect, aka Intellectual Disciple, I.D ou simplement id, a la curieuse particularité d’être à la fois rappeur, poète mais également… égyptologue. Une diversité qu’il applique également à ses influences : il cite entre autres The Electrifying Mojo, le slam ou Twin Peaks.
Sa carrière dans le rap débute à l’adolescence, à la fin des années 1990. En bon adepte du «Do it Yourself», et alors qu’il n’est encore qu’au lycée, Intricate Dialect s’associe à un de ses amis producteur – le DJ Fahrenheit Temperature 2040 – et ils créent ensemble un premier album, The Lo-fi Boom-Bap Life of Id: Basement Up , que les deux compères distribueront eux-mêmes.
Très amis avec de nombreux acteurs de la scène alternative underground de Detroit, Intricate Dialect rejoint The Abolitonists, un collectif qui regroupe notamment Sun Hammer, Charles Trees, Shigeto, Tenacity ou Kadence. C’est avec cette structure et ce collège d’amis artistes qu’il sortira son second album, Solomon’s Treasure. Naturellement peu porté vers les feux de la rampe, id se considère comme un poète de l’underground, et il compte bien rester fidèle à cette chapelle.


Meshing early influences as wide ranging as spoken word poetry, the programming of Detroit radio personality Electrifying Mojo, and the iconic Twin Peaks television series, rapper/magus Miles Lindsey – variously known as Ma’at Daemon, Intricate Dialect, Intellectual Disciple, I.D, or simply
Id – began his rap career as an adolescent in the late 1990s. While still in high school, Id teamed up with producer and longtime friend Fahrenheit Temperature 2040 to create his debut album, The Lo-Fi Boom-Bap Life of Id: Basement Up, which the two issued independently soon after, in 2001.
Around that time, he joined forces with Abolitionists, a collective that would collaborate on and release his second album, Solomon’s Treasure. This collective would be the soil from which lasting relationships with co-conspirators Sun Hammer, Charles Trees, Shigeto, Tenacity and Kadence would grow.
Living and working with producer Sun Hammer in 2003, Id dug deeper into occult and esoteric teachings and crafted his unreleased masterpiece Periods as a sounding board for this newly incorporated subject matter. As a further vehicle for this exploration, the duo formed the group Illuminalogists, whose worldwide hits «Spells and Rituals» and «The Phil Schneider Story» disclosed in at times highly abstract musical fashion the discoveries of mystical traditions and paranormal investigation. In the mid 2000s Id moved to New York City and became more deeply involved with the teachings of Aleister Crowley, the Tarot, Satanism and Sex Magick.
Upon return to his home state of Michigan, Id began to condense his decade-long study of ancient Egyptian culture and religion into what would eventually become the 2011 album Kemet, which eschewed the left-field and highly synthetic production of Periods and Illuminalogists for the style of classic 90s-era hip-hop beats.
Id’s primary mission in music is to infuse rap with the deepest mysteries of esoteric spiritual teachings of Kabbalah, the Tarot, Christianity, Islam, Egyptian hieroglyphs, meditation, voudoo, Freemasonry, yoga, and more, and make them palatable for listeners in an era of short attention spans and a rap marketplace dominated by stories of drug abuse, undiscriminating sexuality and conspicuous consumption.



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